Sunday, October 28, 2012

Madeleine Update

An Internet friend on a forum read about my madeleines and posted that she had a lovely childhood memory of rosewater madeleines served up by French neighbors. Intrigued, I had to try making them. Martha Stewart has one for weddings (why on earth are all the pretty tables and tasty,  dainty foods reserved only for weddings, anyway?), so I took some elements of hers to come up with my version. I stuck to my own madeleine recipe (earlier post), but subbed a tablespoon of rosewater for the lemon juice in the batter, keeping the lemon rind. Then I madeMartha's syrup by  simmering a half-cup water with a half-cup sugar for a couple of minutes, cooling, then adding a tablespoon of rosewater. When the madeleines and the syrup were both cooled, I dipped the scalloped front edge of each one in the rose syrup, then in pink sanding sugar. Martha said to use pink powdered food coloring to tint sanding sugar, but finding it is a hassle, so I used some pink sanding sugar in the pantry that I'd bought one day at HomeGoods on a whim. As to the rosewater, I actually had found a it at one of our several local Middle Eastern shops. Of course, by the time I bought it, I'd forgotten what for, so I'm happy that I've used at least a couple of spoonfuls now.. Kind of like the harissa I searched for, found, and haven't used yet.) I have to say the resulting cookies are well worth the effort. I'll make them to serve to "the girls" next time they're over for needlework and tea.

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