Monday, September 17, 2012

Creamy white roses to lift the spirits

There's simply nothing like flowers in the house to brighten the spirits when you're not feeling good. For me, the flowers can be real, silk, or the ones I crochet into afghans. Going through a string of nonserious, but aggravating maladies for the past couple of months -- ranging from vertigo that needed treatment to resolve itself to a doggone nasty first cold in years -- my spirits can rise when I've bought a nosegay at the local supermarket.

Most of my life, I didn't care much for roses, because the ones I saw were a depressingly dark burgundy color. But after drawing a rose in a drawing class, I've learned to appreciate their sculptural attributes, and now I especially love white, peach, and yellow roses.

The half-dozen creamy roses from Trader Joe's have graced our breakfast room table for at least 10 days or so. When I first brought them home, I left the stems fairly long and had them in a green glass vase. Per a friend's advice, I crushed the stems with a hammer, and that seemingly destructive measure seems to prolong the lives of flowers. After about a week, I decided to cut the stems short and place them, more fashionably, in a small, square vase with glass pellets. They're still perky -- certainly perkier than I feel.

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Natas Nest said...

So lovely! Thanks for sharing. Also for telling about the method with the hammer, never heard of it and will give it a try when I have fresh flowers next time :-)