Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A trip back to the '40s via my crochet hook

This project had its genesis on the addictive website,, I love popcorn crochet, the way designs emerge magically from my hook, lending splendid texture to afghans. When I saw the beautiful -- almost ethereal -- photos of this on pinterest, I knew I had to give it a try. It started when somebody found a vintage afghan in a thrift shop, took it home, and tried to reproduce the pattern.

 A Korean crocheter posted her version of the pattern in universally understood crochet symbols.
Aren't those blue,  yellow, and green hues lovely!

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Then the discoverer of the pattern translated it into written directions.

I capitalized on both these ladies' efforts to come up with my version, winging it on the joining round, then choosing to add a popcorn edging instead of bordering the afghan with whole motifs in a different color. Here's the result:

My corner joinings are less than perfect, and I toyed with the idea of covering them with some four-petaled popcorn flowers, but then decided they might spoil the circular flow of the design.  For the background color, I used Michael's Loops & Threads Impeccable Heather (l wish the earthiness of the color showed up better in my photos). The green and yellow flowers also are Impeccable colors, and the third color is Red Heart's Coral (which, disappointingly, looked more orange than coral when all was said and done).

As I was crocheting this, I kept having feelings of deja vu. It made me think of those sweet chenille bedspreads I remember from the little house nestled in the Virginia mountains that my mother and I lived in while waiting for my dad to get back from dangerous missions over the Himalayas during the great war. The puffy, raised swirls and flowers did indeed look like fuzzy caterpillars winding their way around the bed (chenille is the French word for caterpillar). Even the entwined wedding ring design itself seemed familiar, so I googled it and found there are very similarly patterned vintage chenille bedspreads for sale, and thought we must have had that pattern covering one of our beds, too. Anyway, crocheting this was really a trip, and I think I'll have to keep this little coverlet for myself, because of all the memories it brought back.


LindaCrochets said...

Beautiful afghan. Love your choice of colors. With the popcorn stitches adding extra thread,how heavy is it?

MeMeRose said...

This is such a beautiful post and I am so happy you have made this afghan; I especially liked that it brought back so many memories for you. The afghan looks amazing and I love the colours you used. Out of interest what weight yarn did you use and what size crochet hook? I tried a sample square using 4 ply yarn and probably a 3.5mm hook.

I hope you have many happy years enjoying your work of art. I would like to feature your work and link to your blog on my blog if that is ok with you? Thank you for letting me know about your work and inspiring me to have another go at this pattern in the process x

Eileen Chrisjohn said...

This is so beautiful! Outstanding work! Enjoy!
Eileen :)

Neicee said...

My gosh its gorgeous. Beautiful work

Halina - jetel said...

Piękna praca, bardzo mi się podoba.

MeMeRose said...

I am not bothered in the slightest about you using the blanket photograph... I am happy that the photo and pattern inspired your work. Please keep the photo on your entry x

Carole said...

Stunning blanket - gorgeous colours.

Elizabeth's quarters said...

That's a beautiful blanket, clearly made with love and patience.

Carole said...

Hi. Just wondered if you can tell me approximately how many balls of yarn you used to compete your blanket and also, what was the weight of the yarn? I've had a practise go at making a square and I'm ready to buy the yarn now!
It really is stunning!
Many thanks

Curmudgea said...

Carole, I just figured out that I could answer you here -- after sending you an email about yarn quantities. I've never learned all the ins and outs of blogging.

Curmudgea said...

Thank you, Linda. I'd say it weighs over 2-1/2 lbs.

Káthia Marchand said...

Meus parabéns!!!

Um beijo!!!

Natas Nest said...

Gorgeous!! Absolutely adorable what you've made out of this pattern :-)

Sharon K said...

Your work is vintage. Its just beautiful. Would it be possible for you to e-mail your instructions for the joining and edgeing. I'm a pretty good direction follower but not a dlesigner. I have very little knowledge of how to blog. Sorry. Thank you so much.

Sharon K

Curmudgea said...

SharonK, I'm sorry, but I didn't write down how I joined the motifs. I just kind of made it up as I went along, and can't remember just how I did it. There is a new book out by Edie Eckman, available on Amazon, that is mostly about different ways to join motifs. In fact, I think I may order it for myself. I have her book on borders, and I love it.

Stephanie Thomas said...

Beautiful work! Like you I am in love with this bedspread- almost obsessively. I may have to give it a whirl!I loved your notes on I read I found myself nodding and smiling as I too have many of the same memories, growing up as a child with the chenille bedspreads. Anyhow I just wanted to tell you reading this may have made my night....thankyou!