Sunday, September 9, 2012

A $3 project, courtesy of the dollar store

Whenever I have a couple of tables of canasta at my house, pencils are always needed for scorekeeping. To make them easier to find, not to say prettier, I made a little vase of floer pens. All it took was three items from Dollar Tree: a pack of stick pens (they need to have caps), a roll of green florist's tape, and a bouquet of six flowers and six leaves. And, a couple of things I had on hand:  wire cutters and craft glue. I just cut off the stem of each flower to about 2 inches, attached it to the top of the pent (flush with the bottom of the bloom) with some green floral tape. I found I needed a dab of craft glue to make the starting end of the tape adhere, then wound it round and round, almost to the place where the top of the cap would be. Then, another little dab of glue to make sure the end sticks. When I found I still had six leaves on the stems, and they were too pretty to throw away, I attached one of them to each flower pen, in the same way.

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Beth McCurdy said...

very cute! Great idea.