Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birdies on the cheap

Loving the way these bird cloches

  look on a table with just a few pretty cookies in them, but unwilling to pay a whopping $40 apiece , I scored with these knockoffs at Marshall's this week.They, too, are long-stemmed, but it's hard to tell from my photo.

 The globes do have a subtle design etched on them, and I'd prefer them plain. But, what the hey. At only $12.99 each, I "saved" $55 on these cute little gew-gaws. Now to figure out what I can get rid of to make room for them in my ever-overstuffed house, which -- because of an unaccountable fondness for bird motifs -- is already looking like an aviary. They will be cute to put on the table with just a few cookies for those who don't like the dessert I'm serving, or the handful I leave out before sticking the rest of a fresh-baked batch in the freezer. . . There must be another clever way to use these stemmed globes . . . maybe as part of a centerpiece . . .

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