Thursday, November 10, 2011

Annual orange peel

It's Florida orange season and time to build a new stash of grated orange peel for the freezer. I love orange flavor in so many things -- cakes, cookies, clafoutis, bagna cauda for tilapia -- and hate having to run to the store for a single expensive orange just for a spoonful or so of grated peel. So every year I buy a big bag of 12 to 14 Florida juice oranges for two or three bucks, grate the skin with my marvelous Microplane grater, then stash it in a freezer container for measuring out throughout the year without the hassle. Then for a special personal treat, I pull out my great little Salton electric juicer and make myself -- oh, about a half quart or so -- of delectable fresh orange juice just the way I like it. This juicer allows me to adjust the pulp content, and I like it high.
The orange rind stash goes into the freezer next to the other two items I feel kind of virtuous about: one little plastic box of frozen cubes of canned tomato paste and another loaded with cubes of canned chipotle in adobe that I've pureed and frozen by the tablespoonful. I no longer throw away partially used cans of tomato paste or chipotle.

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