Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cupcake crazy

Well, crazy for mini cupcakes. Never did like too much cake under my frosting, and minis are just my cup of tea -- or, er, cup of cake . . . or something. Anyway, using the Food Network's recipe online for these little sweeties, I tested my decorating chops, too. A couple of days before, I made the candied carrot curls -- really not too tricky if, after cooking them in a simple syrup, you twirl them around a wooden spoon handle before baking them in a low oven. And, oh they're so cute as well as easier to make than piped frosting carrots, which I've done before with those store-bought frosting decorators.
Almonds ground with the dry ingredients, as well as some almond extract in the frosting, along with lemon juice, gave these cakelets a little different spin from the usual.
The fun was trying out one of the large Wilton star tips and a 16-inch disposable pastry bag. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it: remembering to fold over the bag before putting the frosting into it, using the left hand to hold it and the right to squeeze, squeezing from the top instead of the bottom (at least I think that's right).
Have to say that my favorite mini cupcake still is vanilla. Who knows? Maybe I'll even try to make elegant petit fours one of these days.

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