Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday's dessert and today's bargain

One of my favorite desserts on our last Holland-America cruise was mango mousse -- light, barely sweet, fluffy, refreshing. So after doggedly pursuing a recipe made with fresh mangos that looked okay, I found one. It uses pureed mangos, sugar, lemon juice, and unflavored gelatin (something I'm not very experienced with). Okay, so I got it a little undersweetened for my husband's taste, but that's the way I like desserts -- as they are at the local French bakery. I had planned to make a "napoleon" by baking some homemade lime-flavored pizzelle, but laziness won and I used some Pepperidge Farm puff pastry and added powdered sugar for the family sweet tooths. I forgot to get out the camera before it was half demolished, so it's not so pretty, but herewith anyway. I love the lovely pale yellow-orange color and the brightness of chopped mango.

Having branched out from Publix to Kroger, depending on who has the best deals on fresh produce on shopping day, I've discovered Kroger often feature's "manager's specials" on fresh flowers. This time I got one of my faves: a dozen white roses. They are already looking a bit past their prime, but then who isn't.