Monday, February 7, 2011

Another kind of tailgater

What, I'd like to know, is the psychology that drives people to tailgate? Why the overwhelming urge to push people to go faster? Most people who tailgate me, then finally pass, wind up at the same red light at the same time.

Yesterday one of those irritating people was in back of me at my favorite Indian buffet. Now I know I'm old, but I am not a slow driver, nor do I dawdle when making my food selections. But I could feel the woman behind me at the buffet tailgating. No, really, it's true; I could feel it.

Like the big-bellied guy at Microcenter the other day waiting behind me in the checkout line, who kept inching closer, tailgating, generating heat and invading my space. What I did there was stick my foot out in his direction and lean forward as if to shift my weight to rest the other leg. Didn't do much good though. The line was long and slow, but why on earth did he think it would move any faster when he was tailgating. I didn't say anything to him, because he looked a little like a "Deliverance" type who could have been packing.

In reflecting on the buffet tailgater, though, I should have asked her in my best passive-aggressive tone, "Why don't y0u just go ahead of me? I'm in no hurry." But then I've always been too slow on the uptake. If I run into another one of her ilk, I'll know what to do. Meanwhile, I fully expect to see this woman in my rearview mirror next time somebody is hugging my rear bumper.

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Crocheting Crab said...

I am just rolling on the floor... that is so hilarious and well spoken!