Thursday, December 30, 2010

Got my cooking mojo back with mojo

After a week of disappointment at the gradually deteriorating quality of the food on a Holland America cruise, then a week or so of a cold caught on the cruise with the resulting malfunctioning taste buds, I'm out of the kitchen doldrums and again trying new recipes.
Always a favorite recipe source, for its originality and fairly good reliability, the Fine Cooking website had a really quick and easy recipe for turkey cutlets on black beans and topped with a lovely mojo. The combination of fresh tangerine juice, lime juice, cumin, and garlic slices was just right. I did substitute chicken cutlets for the turkey, Italian parsley for the cilantro (got a cilantro hater in the house), and jalapeno pepper for the habanero ('cause I'm a little scared of the heat of the habanero). But I don't think any of these subs changed the character of the dish in any big way. It was easy to mix up a bowl of guacamole and another of mango salsa, as long as I was chopping some of the ingredients common to all three. (The photo was rather impromptu, so the presentation is a bit sloppy here.) Next time, to round out the Cuban theme, I'll need to have flan ready for dessert.