Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fantastic Fiction!

OK, I'm really on a blogging roll tonight, but after this, I guess I'll call it a wrap after this.

If you discover a novelist you like and want to read everything the person has written, this is the site for you: It lists bibliographies for 30,000 authors and even tells you where and for what price you can buy their books. Though I do like for comparison shopping. Though since I got my Kindle, I'll resort to hardcopy books now only when that's all that's available. I absolutely adore the historical fiction of Brit Diana Norman (aka Ariana Franklin), but several of her older books are OOP and selling for exorbitant prices. At least I could find them on the abovementioned site and got a couple of them through the public library's interlibrary loan program. It's a British site, but it lists all popular U.S. authors as well.

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