Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cooking stuff they don't make

Why doesn't Costco or Sam's have one of its manufacturers create a set of long-handled measuring spoons made to reach into those ginormous herb and spice jars they sell? And, while they're at it -- make long-handled measuring cups. Both spoons and cups should be oval in shape, and the cups should have tiny spouts for pouring (as in adding sugar gradually to meringue and oil to salad dressing).

Often I don't try out Asian recipes because of all those exotic sauces called for -- oyster sauce, fish sauce, black bean sauce, Siracha, and the like? So why doesn't somebody get smart and offer a sampler of small jars or bottles of all these Asian ingredients. I use Siracha and a couple of other Asian condiments once in a while, but those large bottles usually languish in the fridge until I'm afraid they're too old to use.

Asparagus is a popular vegetable. Why won't Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table create and market really pretty asparagus serving tongs -- maybe one in a contemporary design and another in a French country motif? There are plenty of asparagus serving platters around, but no matching tongs. If they really want to make money, they could make an attractive matching set.

Why, oh why, do they sell so much stark-white china? I want creamy-white dinner place settings -- just thick and plain with wide rims, restaurant style. But since I have a traditional home decor, I don't want a modern, white-white look on my table. If I order what I think I want from a restaurant supply house, I can't see it in person first, and I must order a minimum of two dozen plates, bowls, etc., then pay shipping costs that equal almost the price of the china. Still a bargain at that, but I want to see and touch them first to make sure they're what I want. I have eight ivory-colored wide-rimmed soup/pasta bowls that I bought for $2 apiece at an antique mall in Florida. They had been used by a restaurant, they're made in France, and they're wonderful -- no worse for the wear. I want plates like that.

More of this vent later . . . .

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