Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A hotlanta "snow day"

With the temps in the 90s and feeling like 100s, I'm literally and figuratively chillin', feeling so lazy that I'm posting here yet again today.

A kitchen thing I love: Anything silicone, from cookie sheet liners to spatulas and spoons, and now to a big, square silicone cake pan that I use to make a rustic plum tart. After lining metal pans with both foil and parchment and after ruining a silicone cookie sheet liner only to have burnt stuff everywhere, I bought this red square silicone thing at Tuesday Morning. Who says a roundish rustic tart can't be baked in a square pan anyway? So the tart filling oozed out even more than usual, creating not yummy brown caramelized stuff, but big shards of black carbonized stuff. The shards broke off from the tart and the pan, but there were lots of black bits left adhering to the pan. I got tired of scrubbing at them, and just stuck it in the dishwasher. Lo and behold, the good old Bosch actually cleaned off those nasty buggers. Couldn't believe it. I don't know how I cooked and baked in the bad old preprocessor, prenuke, premicroplane, and presilicone days.

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